We're helping to spread the word about the amazing Propeller microcontroller. A multi-core microcontroller designed for hobbyists and product developers alike.

Over the past few years we have been supporting users here in the UK with this webstore which includes a selection of Propeller chips, development boards and accessories.

We can support you in taking the first steps in getting your Propeller project up and running.

The Propeller microcontroller

The Propeller is a powerful hobbyist-friendly multicore microcontroller that features 8 identical 32-bit processor cores ('cogs') managed by a central hub. All of the cogs have access to all 32 of the I/O pins - and each cog includes it's own local memory and powerful counter timers. Program in SPIN (a BASIC-like language unique to the Propeller), C or in assembly language. There are commands to run code in separate cogs, making developing advanced real-time applications simple!

Propelle rmulticore microcontroller Block diagram


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